The ophthalmology unit is armed with the cutting-edge technologies and the latest devices including refractive surgery cataract surgery, Femto-LASIK Glaucoma, Cataract Suite at Medanta, Contura Vision LASIK, Constellation Vitrectomy system, 3D printed ocular and oculofacial prosthesis.

  • Fully-equipped with the latest technologies and contemporary devices including auto refractometer, keratometer, direct/indirect ophthalmoscopy, fluorescein angiography, applanation tonometry, ocular ultrasounds and many more.

  • There is a distinct section for pediatric patients with highly skilled doctors, who are experts in treating development cataract, developmental glaucoma, childhood blindness, congenital & heriditary disorders, retinopathy of prematurity screening & treatment etc.

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Head of Department: Dr. B. D. Chaurasiya

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